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Board of Directors (BoD) has been established to provide governance of the Network. The BoD is entrusted with overseeing management, direction, and fiscal accountability of the Network.

Scientific Steering Committee (SSC), consisting of researchers in academia, government and industry, has been active in developing this application, and is providing leadership, guidance and direction for the proposed Network research. The committee oversees Network research. It reviews the annual progress reports and research summaries, financial summaries and receive input on researcher-partner collaborations from the University-Partner Liaison Committee. The scientific steering committee reports findings to the BoD and proposes recommendations to the Board. SSC meets bi-annually or more frequently, as required.

Network Management Office: The Network Managing Director and the Administrative Assistant oversee in the business and financial management of the Network, providing leadership and direction for Network operations and ensuring control and accountability for the day-to-day operations.

Technology Analysis Committee (TAC). A Technology Analysis Committee, a small, joint university-industry working group. The primary responsibilities of TAC are to track the scientific and technological progress from the themes on a more regular basis than the Scientific Steering Committee. The committee meets every two months and include the PI, two theme leaders, an industry representative and the Network Managing Director. This committee will also ensure the exchange of knowledge between clusters of research groups/partners and provide technical knowledge and advice on technology transfer.


Network Administration Secretariat

T. Navessin, J. Leong
Theme 1 Electrocatalysis Leader: M. Eikerling
Theme 2 Catalyst Layers and Transport Phenomena Leader: B. Peppley
Pt Electrochemistry (G. Jerkiewicz)
Modelling(M. Secanell)
Nanostructured Catalysts and Support  Materials (A. Sun)
Imaging and Diagnostics (G. Botton)
Fabrication and Testing (K. Karan)

Prof. Steven Holdcroft, Ph.D

Eric Denhoff

Dr. Christopher Guzy

Dr. Gregory Frenette

Mr. Jeffery Nerenberg

Dr. Titichai Navessin, PhD, MBA

Prof. Michael Eikerling

Prof. Brant Peppley, Ph.D.

Dr. Titichai Navessin, PhD, MBA

Dr. Stephen Campbell, Ph.D.

Dr. Shanna Knights, P.Eng., M.A.Sc.

Dr. Fran├žois Girard, Ph. D.

Prof. Gregory Jerkiewicz, Ph.D.

Prof. Gregory Jerkiewicz, Ph.D.'s picture

Prof. Marc Secanell

Prof. Gianluigi Botton, Ph.D.

Prof. Xueliang (Andy) Sun, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Dr. Kunal Karan, Associate Professor

Dr. Siyu Ye

R. Britton